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Joomla is a popular open-source content management system that allows users to create and manage websites. Joomla has been around for over a decade and has undergone many updates and improvements over the years. The latest version, Joomla 4, was released in August 2021, and it comes packed with a host of new features that make it an even better choice for website development.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some of the new features in Joomla 4 that you should know about.

New User Interface (UI)

The new user interface in Joomla 4 is more user-friendly and intuitive. The new UI makes it easier to manage your website and customize it to your liking. The new control panel is also customizable, so you can rearrange the modules to suit your workflow.

One-Click Updates

Joomla 4 now supports one-click updates, which makes it easier to keep your website up-to-date with the latest security patches and bug fixes. This feature is especially useful for website owners who don't have the technical skills or time to manually update their website.

Improved SEO

Joomla 4 has improved SEO features, including the ability to add structured data to your website. Structured data helps search engines understand the content on your website better, which can improve your search engine rankings.

Multilingual Support

Joomla 4 now has native multilingual support, which means you can create websites in multiple languages without the need for third-party extensions. This feature is especially useful for businesses that operate in multiple countries or for websites that cater to an international audience.

New Media Manager

The new media manager in Joomla 4 is more user-friendly and intuitive. You can now drag and drop files to upload them, and you can easily edit images and videos directly in the media manager.

Improved Security

Joomla 4 has improved security features, including better password hashing and two-factor authentication. These features make it harder for hackers to access your website and protect your website from cyber threats.

Powerful Codebase

Joomla 4 is built on a more powerful codebase that leverages the latest web technologies such as Bootstrap 5, jQuery 3, and PHP 7.4. This means that Joomla 4 is faster, more efficient, and more secure than its predecessor. Additionally, Joomla 4 now supports PostgreSQL, which is a powerful open-source relational database management system.

Joomla 4 has a powerful codebase


Bootstrap 5 Integration

Joomla 4 comes with Bootstrap 5, the latest version of the popular front-end development framework. This integration makes it easier for developers to create responsive websites with modern UI designs. Joomla 4 also uses the latest version of jQuery, which adds more functionality and improved performance.


In conclusion, Joomla 4 is a major update to the popular content management system. With its improved user interface, one-click updates, improved SEO, and native multilingual support, Joomla 4 is an even better choice for website development. Whether you're a developer or a website owner, Joomla 4 has something for everyone.

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