Route 66 for Joomla

Beautiful SEF URLs, SEO content analysis, Google PageSpeed optimization, Facebook Instant Articles and XML Sitemaps and for your Joomla site!

Route 66 (free) supports Joomla! content, while the Route 66 (PRO) extends functionality to K2, Virtuemart, HikaShop and eShop.

Route 66 for Joomla - URL Patterns

URL Patterns

Use flexible patterns to define URLs!

SEO Content Analysis

Improve your content's SEO ranking

Flexible SEF URLs definition using patterns!

Route 66 allows you to define your site SEF URLs using patterns and not be restricted by limited URL options! Patterns can include any URL friendly character along with some tokens for generating dynamic variables ( like the article's date for example ).

Here are some examples of URL patterns you can use in Route 66:

  • blog/{articleYear}/{articleMonth}/{articleAlias}
  • {categoryAlias}/{articleAlias}
  • {articleAlias}
  • page-{articleId}
  • {categoryPath}/{articleAlias}
  • {categoryAlias}/
  • {productAlias}.prod

SEO Content Analysis Powered by Yoast

SEO content analysis for Joomla articles (and K2 items in PRO version) powered by the fabulous Yoast SEO engine.

Optimise your Joomla pages right in the article (or K2 item) edit form! Provide the SEO keyword you are interested in and check quickly how your page will look in search results using the Snippet preview of Route 66! 

Not using Joomla Articles or K2? No problem! The PRO version of Route 66 allows you to perform SEO content analysis for ANY page in your Joomla site! Just enter the URL of the page you want to test and the SEO keyword! This feature works with all components, including but not limited to Virtuemart, Hikashop, JEvents, EasyBlog, eShop etc.

Please make sure to check the screenshots below before subscribing so you know exactly how this feature works with different components.

Route 66 for Joomla - SEO analysis powered by Yoast

Exceptional performance

Unlike bulky SEF extensions that can store thousands of URLs to your site's database, Route 66 offers dynamic and high performance URL generation. In short, Route 66 will not impact your website’s performance.

Route 66 for Joomla - URL Patterns

Google Lighthouse/PageSpeed

Route 66 can optimise your site to achieve a high score at Google Lighthouse and PageSpeed Insights! Route 66 follows the Google Lighthouse and PageSpeed Insights recommendations to make your Joomla site get ranked high by Google.

Starting from version 1.7.0 Route 66 allows you lazy load all your site's images and iframes in order to improve performance!

Route 66 for Joomla - Google Lighthouse/PageSpeed

Facebook Instant Articles

Route 66 now supports Facebook Instant Articles! It allows you to generate a feed of Facebook Instant Articles based on your site's content. You can also filter the feed articles based on categories. Finally, Route 66 comes with built-in integration for Google Analytics and Google DFP!

Note that Facebook Instant Articles work only for Joomla! articles and K2 Items ( K2 Items are supported only in Route 66 PRO ).

Route 66 for Joomla - Facebook Instant Articles

XML Sitemaps with Google News Support

Make it easier for Google and other search engines to discover your site content with XML sitemaps. Route 66 can generate those sitemaps for you! It allows you to filter the sitemap content based on categories. Last but not least, Route 66 can also generate Google News Sitemaps.

The sitemaps feature works with Joomla! articles and Menu items in the free version while the PRO version adds support for K2 Items, Virtuemart Products and Hikashop Products.

Route 66 for Joomla - XML Sitemaps

Features Overview

  • Use patterns to define URL structure and not get limited by a set of options.
  • URL patterns can include dynamic variables.
  • URL patterns can include custom words.
  • URL patterns can include a custom suffix.
  • URL patterns can include a trailing slash.
  • Module assignment keeps working as before.
  • Option for adding a suffix to menu links.
  • Option for adding a trailing slash to menu links.
  • Blazing fast URLs processing. Route 66 will not slow down your site.
  • Duplicate URLs handling.
  • SEO content analysis for Joomla articles and K2 items (PRO version only) powered by the famous Yoast SEO analyzer.
  • SEO content analysis for any page in Joomla powered by the famous Yoast SEO analyzer. This feature is only available in the PRO version!
  • Add canonical tags to your pages (optional).
  • Redirects for non-canonical URLs (optional).
  • Google PageSpeed Optimization.
  • Images and Iframes lazy loading.
  • Generate XML Sitemaps for search engines.
  • Sitemaps can include images and videos (when applicable).
  • Filtering content of the generated sitemaps based on categories.
  • Sitemaps can include menus.
  • Generate Facebook Instant Articles feeds.
  • Filtering content of the generated Facebook Instant Articles feed based on categories.
  • Google analytics integration for Facebook Instant Articles.
  • Google DFP integration for Facebook Instant Articles.
  • Works with the core Joomla content. The PRO version supports third-party extensions like K2, Virtuemart, and Hikashop.
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