Showtime Image Gallery

Image Galleries for Joomla! redefined! Add the most popular lightbox scripts to your Joomla! site! Integrates with Joomla! 3.7 Custom Fields!

Unmatched flexibility using Joomla! Custom Fields!

Showtime integrates with Joomla! 3.7 Custom Fields allowing you to add infinite image galleries to your Joomla! articles! Using custom fields you can add as many image galleries as you want! Each Showtime Image Gallery Custom Field comes with it's own settings giving you flexibility when it comes in galleries creation.

Note that Showtime Image Gallery Custom Field require Joomla! 3.7 or later. 

Check the following video to see how Showtime integrates with Joomla! 3.7 Custom Fields



The best lightbox scripts right into your Joomla! site!

Showtime includes the best and most popular lightbox scripts. Each one of them comes with it's own options. Showtime allows you to set any option so you can customize the behavior and appearance of the lightbox. 

Currently Showtime includes the following lightbox scripts:


Joomla! Content Editor Integration

Don't want to use Custom Fields? Just insert galleries to Joomla! articles text using the Showtime editor button!

Showtime allows you to insert galleries directly into your Joomla! articles text using the editor button. You will get a nice visual representation of the image gallery right into the Joomla! Content Editor. The editor integration is available to all third-party extensions that support Joomla! content plugins!


Standalone Mode

Create galleries without linking to any content and display them using the Showtime module!

Showtime comes with a full featured administration interface allowing you to manage all your site galleries. You can edit all the galleries you have created (through Custom Fields or Editor) or create new galleries which are not connected with any content in your site. Then just use the Showtime module in order to display your image galleries.