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Erwin Weilbaecher
I really like the component so far. What I still don't understand. I want to display 10 albums that I have in a category on the module page. Only one preview image should be displayed per album, which then opens the respective gallery when you click on the image. Is that possible with this?

What does Source Dynamic mean.

Thanks for your help.


Lefteris Kavadas
Hi Erwin,

When you set "Source" option to "Dynamic", the module will display any (showtime) custom fields of the currently viewed article.
Let's say you have an article named "Sample Article" which has a Showtime Image Gallery custom field. When you visit that article the module will display its gallery as far as it is published in an active position.

Regarding your first question, yes it is possible to have only the first thumbnail displayed but there is no option for this at the moment.
You need to either create a layout override or just use CSS. In both cases you just need to hide all image elements except the first one.
The CSS implementation should be something like this:
.your-module-class .showtime-image img {display:none}
.your-module-class .showtime-image:first-child img {display:inline}

Note that the above code should work for specific gallery layouts only. For some others you may need to use the layout override approach.

Please let me know if you need more help with this.


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