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Latest post by Lefteris Kavadas on Wednesday, 07 September 2022 12:05 EEST

Frank Ehlert
 Hi Team,
after the Update to the latest J4 Version again i cannot work with the showtime gallery.

I can start to work in the content item, the modal window with all elements of the gallery are working fine. Also i can paste pictures inside the upload area, they are loading up. fter that i can sort them or add content.

No matter if i paste new pics or start to use an existing gallery - the modal window disappears correctly - but the content window will stay with the grey overlay and nothing happens any more. No button is clickable ... the gallery will not stored to get part of the content item.

The only chance is to reload the page - and all is gone.

Yes, i am using JCE - also latest version.
OK, with Tiny MCE it is working - but we have some advantages in using JCE (without this trouble with the gallery)

Thank you for your support.
Best regards

Lefteris Kavadas
Hi Frank,

Are you using the free or the pro version of JCE?
I just tested the free JCE 2.9.29 with Showtime Image Gallery 1.5.7 under Joomla 4.2.2 and I cannot reproduce the issue.


Frank Ehlert
Hi Lefteris, i have the pro version, also some other extensions inside the page.
So, how to proceed?
Login for you?
Thank you!

Lefteris Kavadas
Yes, if it is possible provide a login credentials in a new private ticket.

Lefteris Kavadas
Just checked your setup. It's the CW Article Attachments causing this.
Actually it's breaking all editor buttons not just Showtime. If you try to insert a menu item you will get the exact same behaviour.
When I disabled CW Article Attachments plugins for a while everything worked as expected.
I suggest to contact the developers of that extension and let them know about the issue.


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