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Latest post by Lefteris Kavadas on Wednesday, 31 August 2022 13:05 EEST

Stephen Jones
 hi.every time i try to update the a joomla ste that has Showtime Image Gallery on it all is good. the minute try to set the php to 8.0.22 i get an 500 error and the site is dead! if i switch back to php all is fine! please advise thanks

Lefteris Kavadas
Hi Stephen,

Can you try to disable Showtime Image Gallery before updating? Just to make sure that this is caused by our extension and not something else.
Because I just tested under PHP 8.0.21 and everything works fine for me. Is there any chance that are some required extensions missing? Like GD for example?


Stephen Jones
what is gd please?

out of 30 plus sites so far the only ones breaking are the 2 with the gallery it seems.

Lefteris Kavadas
GD is a PHP module used for image resizing. But I don't think this is causing the issue.
An other thing you can try is enable "Debug System" under Joomla global configuration before updating. It should give you more details about the error.


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