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Latest post by Lefteris Kavadas on Monday, 06 June 2022 13:51 EEST

Frank Ehlert
 Hi team,

i have again a page, which is set up with the latest version of the jce editor.
We want to use this enditor, because it is much more user friendly than the tiny mce. So i hope, you can modify your extension, that it works with this editor.

Basicly all is very good.
But your gallery won`t work.

I can include the gallery and i can load in some pictures - or also i can use an existing gallery.
But in the moment i choose an existing galley, or load up some pictures (which works, loads up 100% and shows the thumbnails) and press insert ... the modal window with this disappears. That is it. The sreen is grey already - nothing happens, no click or similar works.
I only can reload the browser - but then the callery is not stored and the content item as before.

Interesting: If i load new pictures (e.g. drag&drop in the gellery) this gallery then is stored in the component.
So now i have some identical there in the component.

So it stores the gallery itself and shows whr pictures in correct way - but the process stops.
What is the fail?

Thank you and best regards

Lefteris Kavadas
Hi Frank,

Can you please provide more information? I need to know the exact versions of Joomla, JCE and Showtime that you are using.


Frank Ehlert
Hi Lefteris,
thanks for the reply.
Joomla is latest: Joomla 4.1.4
Showtime 1.5.6
JCE 2.9.24

All latest versions. But this problem i know since a longer period.
See video - i shared on youtube (not listed - only viewable with this link)

I have some other pages, there i have the same problem.

Additional is, i have the extension "CW Attachments" ...

Very handy, i love it ... but please also check, to install it - if you extension and cw are working against each other?
Just for getting more knowledge of page setup.

Thank you very much
Best regards

Lefteris Kavadas
Hi Frank,

Just sent you over email a link to the development version of Showtime Image Gallery. This should work fine for both JCE and TinyMCE under Joomla 3 and Joomla 4.
Please let me know if that resolves the issue.


Frank Ehlert
Yes, thanks for the file - it works.
Best regards

Lefteris Kavadas
You are welcome.

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