Econa 1.2.1 Stable

Released on: Saturday, 07 May 2016 01:22
  • Added option for keeping the native K2 images when a custom image name is provided. This way we ensure that no K2 images are lost if Econa is uninstalled. However this requires more disk space. The default value of the option is enabled. Advanced users or users with thousands of items are encouraged to disable this to save disk space on the server.
  • Fixed minor visual issues with K2 2.7.0 item form.


Joomla! 3.x

SHA-256 Signature 9d2feff3cfb5107833499b7fbb7d89461f56e279aa57283145b87d140bb79911
SHA-384 Signature b13df01fcdfd544f13d5caafc00fc34ecd846502753fb00027aafee4ff5991ee00e249c4dab3d587b0884d8f34e23cd6
SHA-512 Signature 97afaa2d995d1b9f2f24a048c2dc4effced632a502d612da3e1416e46865a5e4b9859cc24eb041dad4fc1667478e4e0837793bb4c1a1dac46ca9601ee519b9be
Compatibility Joomla! 3.x
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