#766 – Move from Simple Image Gallery

Status: Open - Category: Showtime Image Gallery
Hello, I'm using SIGpro form Joomworks.
Could you add import for 3-d party galleries?
Hi Dan,

Unfortunately this is not in our plans.
The issue is that Simple Image Gallery PRO does not have a database so we can fetch the existing galleries.
In order to do this we need to scan the whole site filesystem to search for galleries. And after that we need to scan the whole site content to convert SIG Pro tags to Showtime tags.
This is a lot more work than migrating manually for 99% of the cases. How many galleries do you have to migrate?

~2000-2500 galleries
That's a very big number of galleries. What's the content of your site? Is it just Joomla articles or any other third-party components like K2?

We use K2 with SigPro as we need to publish news with embedded photo galleries.

Back in the Joomla 1.5 times I uploaded photos manually and inserted galleries via some content gallery plugin by inserting {gallery}{/gallery} tags.

Then K2 and Simple Image Gallery were released so we switched to it, migrating from previous plugin by manually uploading galleries.

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