#717 – I also got Error: XHR returned response code 500

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I also got this error on two images Error: XHR returned response code 500, the other work fine. Can this have something to do with the dimension of these images? If I make them smaller, I can upload them
Hi Mag,

If you made the images smaller and that worked then this probably has to do with your server setup.
Can you please check what's your PHP's memory_limit setting? A big image requires more memory for processing so this might be the issue.
If you keep struggling with this issue, please create a private ticket and include administrator credentials so I can have a look.

memory limit is set to 100mb
if I increase it to 200mb, i could upload the one that failed before. strange thing is that it must have something to do with the resolution and not the file size. bigger images than that worked without any problem
200MB is a bit too much for a web server. What's the resolution of the image you are trying to upload?

the one that did not work had 3280 x 4928
but another image with the same resolution only in landscape mode, worked. so this is strange.
is there a difference, if it is a portrait or landscape mode image?
It's not just the resolution. It's also the details of the image.
In the last update we added some code for fixing the image orientation under some cases. But I don't think that this affects this.
Can you please send me the image that was causing the issue?

of course! where should I send it?
Just sent you an email.

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