#685 – Image rotate on upload

Status: Pending - Category: Showtime Image Gallery
I have the image upload rotate problem as mentioned here:
and in some other ticket.

If I turn off "resize image" there is no difference. I also tried to re-generate the images.
(Not resizing the images on upload, is not a long term solution, as people would be uploading much too big images)

Can you provide me also with the development version to test?

Hi Sigrid,

Yes of course. I just sent you a private link over email.
Please test and let me know.

thanks for your fast reply.
I downloaded the wrong images, turned them correctly on my laptop and uploaded them again. Then they are shown correctly.
I will ask the users to test as well tomorrow, but so far it looks good.
I will come back here, if it does not work for them.
You are welcome.


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