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Hi! We have users that upload images that sometimes get rotated in the gallery when they upload them. I suspect this has to do with some image exif info saying it is portrait / landscape or something.

Would it be possible to add a feature to rotate the gallery images in de component? Or is there a way to prevent this from happening?

I will of course let my clients know they could open the images in an image editor and reave them. That would probably do the trick, but maybe the rotate function would be a good addition to the extension?

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Showtime Image Gallery does not change the orientation of the images. You can verify this by trying to open the original image on the browser. It will get displayed exactly as the resized images that Showtime produces.

We are indeed considering adding editing functionalities to Showtime for situations like this. But it will take some time.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Hi Lefteris! Thanks for getting back to me on this. You are right the image are rotated themselves. But some programs users use to view images read the exif data and rotate the images for the user, so they think it rotated wrong when they upload. We could ofcourse explain this to them, but they still need rotate them ;-) They could use imaging software for this, but making it a bit easier for them to do this in the image gallery extension would be a nice extra feature I think.

Thanks for considering this. Keep up the good work! Hope your health is improving?

Kind regards,
I understand completely the use case of this feature.
I would be almost ready to get back to coding in around a week. Thanks for asking.

This is a pretty old ticket by now ;-) Are you still trying to do something with it? It;s not a huge issue for me (or our users) at this time. So no hurry on my end.
Hi Jip,

No, at the moment I will focus to have all the extensions ready for the upcoming Joomla 4. But this functionality is still in my future list.

OK thanks!
You are welcome.
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