#329 – Using different language in captions

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I have a website in few languages. Is is possible to setup my gallery titles with different languages?
Something like it is in Sigplus https://hunyadi.info.hu/sigplus/sigplus-image-captions
I would like to have one gallery but with captions/descriptions depending to chosen language.

Showtime Image Gallery supports the core Joomla multi-language functionality. This means that you need two different galleries, one for each language. Exactly as you would do with Joomla articles.

Thank you for the answer.
Not exactly. In articles I can use the same images for every article so I don't need to copy my images for every language.
You can use the same image but you still need different articles in order to translate the image data (Alt Text and Caption).

Yes, but if I want to change one of the image I can do it by for example FTP.
Example: I have a site in 10 languages.
In showtime gallery I need to create(I have already noticed that there is no funcion "Copy") new gallery for every language, so I would have 10 the same galleries with the same photos but different sources. When I want to update one image in this gallery I need to do it 10 times. Am I right?
Yes, since it's content and we follow the core multi-language system you will have to do this. FTP is not a solution for non-expert users. Showtime has a copy functionality. You can copy the gallery and change the caption for the image in less than a minute.

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