#326 – Showtime within easy-profile

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I'm trying to create an enhanced user profile and the combination of your plugin showtime + easyprofile.com seems a great match. However, when using a showtime field, I get the below errors, even when not adding any image to the (optional) gallery.

Invalid field: Thumbnail Image Width ( Gallery )
Invalid field: Thumbnail Image Height ( Gallery )
Invalid field: Main Image Width ( Gallery )
Invalid field: Main Image Height ( Gallery )

Screenshot available here: https://snag.gy/3py8T7.jpg

Any ideas?



Have you set the required options when you created the custom field? It should work with any extension that is compatible with Joomla custom fields.

Which "required" options are you referring too? I've played with all possible options I could find. Can you be specific please
I am talking about the thumbnail resize options. In any case, let me know when you provide access so I can have a look.

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