#291 – Location of storage folder

Status: Pending - Category: Showtime Image Gallery

Maybe this is not really a problem but a feature request.
Is there a possibility to change the location of the storage folder? Inside the images folder? Simply to get images also for articles.
On the other side it would be fine to select images from the server, not only from desktop.
Also is there a way to delete or not store the source images (the source folder)?
I got about 1.2 GB for 2 galleries with 100 images each.


The storage path cannot be changed. But you can set the media manager to use the /media folder instead of the /images folder. Just navigate to "Content" -> "Media" and set the path at the options.
Regarding the select image from server feature this is something that we consider to add at the future.
Regarding the source images, the extension needs those images in order to be able to generate thumbnails. We also added watermarks so, that's a second reason to keep the original images.
Here are some things you can do:

1. Delete the source folders manually.
2. Do not upload such huge images. Reduce their size before uploading.


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