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Dear Developers,

how can I link all galleries list to a menuitem? I can not select Showtime menuitem type when I want to create a menuitem:

I need a galleries list with one preview image next by each gallery name. My visitors could enter into a gallery and watch the images then they go back to list.

I mean it would be looked like the eDocman structure on my website:

I do not need subfolders only galleries.

Now every galleries show the all contained photos, but this menuitem will be full of plenty of galleries in the future.

Thanks your reply,
György Molnár
Webelit Bt.

Showtime Image Gallery is designed to attach galleries to existing content on your site. And it works with any extension that supports custom fields or content plugins. There are no "galleries" or "gallery" view currently.
So, in order to achieve a similar result you can create a menu link to articles which contain galleries or use the Showtime Image Gallery module.

If you definitely need the menu links to "galleries" and "gallery" views we can implement it for the next release.

Mr. Kavadas,

thanks for your answer, I tried the Showtime Image Gallery module, I use it in the linked menuitem https://ujweb.bolcske.hu/esemenyek, but it shows the full galleries.

I would really appreciate if you create "galleries" and "gallery" views for menu links in the next release, it will be very useful for me!

I really like your nice gallery extension anyways!

Best regards,
György Molnár
Webelit Bt.
We will try to implement this for the next release.

Thank you for your feedback.


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