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I have a very customized layout on my joomla pages. I'd like to make the text "Click to View All Photos" actually OPEN the first image within the Showtime Gallery, so folks can then scroll through.
See: https://brokenarrowcreede.com/properties/105-sweet-cabin-in-bristol-head-acres
Look at the thumbnail gallery, about halfway down the page. See the text right above it? That's what I want to be a link.

How might I do this? What code could be added to my template?
Hi Kara,

You will have to add some code to achieve what you want. Here is a link that will open the first image of the first gallery in the page:
<a href="#" onclick="jQuery('.showtime-image a:first').click(); return false;">Click to view gallery</a>

You can add this code to your template or create a layout override for the article or the gallery. You can learn more about Showtime Image Gallery layout overrides at https://www.firecoders.com/documentation/showtime-image-gallery#layouts
Please let me know if you need more help.


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