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 Is there a way to move all my showtime galleries and images, along with the custom field settings within Contacts, to a brand new Joomla 4 site (from a Joomla 3 site)?
I've looked at CSVI Import and SP Transfer, but I'm not sure it will work. Do you have a suggestion? Or do you have a way to do this?
Hi Kara,

I have not tested this, but simply updating your Joomla site from version to version 4 should be enough. Just use the core Joomla Update component.
Now, if you want to move to a clean installation then things are simple for Showtime Image Gallery:

1. Install Showtime Image Gallery to the new site.
2. Copy #__showtime_galleries and #__showtime_images database tables from your old site to the new one.
3. Copy all the files under /media/showtime/storare from the old site to the new one.

This should be enough for bringing in Showtime Image Gallery but not Contacts and their custom fields.
I cannot tell for sure if CSVI Import and SP Transfer would do the job. Probably you need to ask their developers about this.

An other approach would be to duplicate your current site and then use the core Joomla Update component to update to Joomla 4. After that just remove any extensions or content you don't need. The result would be like a fresh Joomla 4 installation.
I think that overall this is the easiest and more safe approach but it's all up to you.

Please let me know if you need help with this.


Great news! I was able to accomplish it fairly easily, combining your notes and SP Transfers! Here's what I did:

1. Set up New Joomla site
2. Installed SPTransfer
3. SPTransferred #__showtime_galleries and #__showtime_images database tables
4. Using FTP, Copied all the files under /media/showtime/storage from the old site to the new one
5. Installed Showtime (they instructed me to install the component AFTER migrating database tables)
6. SPTransferred all Joomla custom fields, including Showtime field
7. SPTransferred all Contacts

It's working perfectly!!! Yay!!

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