#1090 – Add Gallery Button to Jevents

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According to the documentation, I can add the 'button' functionality to third-party extensions. Is this possible with JEvents, and how would I go about doing this? (https://www.jevents.net)

(Reference: https://www.firecoders.com/documentation/showtime-image-gallery#component-options
"Showtime Image Gallery in Content Editor: With Showtime you can add galleries directly to article text using the Joomla content editor. A button named "Showtime Image Gallery" is added to the editor allowing you to insert, edit, and remove galleries from article text. Note that this functionality is available for all third-party extensions that support content plugin events.")

OR - EVEN BETTER: how would I add the Gallery functionality as a Custom Field to Jevents?

Hi Kara,

As stated in the documentation, third-party extensions have to support Joomla content plugins In order to work with Showtime Image Gallery. Most of the extensions out there support content plugins but I cannot be not sure about JEvents.
It's the exact same story with custom fields. If JEvents have support for Joomla custom fields then you should be able to use Showtime Image Gallery as custom field. Note, that I am referring to the core Joomla custom fields, not a custom implementation that some components have (like K2 for example).

In order to be completely sure you will have to ask JEvents developers about this. Or if you have both JEvents and Showtime Image Gallery installed, just give it a try.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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