#1088 – Relations to showtime custom fields lost upon saving !!

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 So now my customer lost all his work again upon saving an article with images in a custom field with Showtime Image gallery. Both fields went empty upon saving the article !!??? What is going on here. I can see that the galleries are still there, BUT! The relation from the article to the gallery is gone in the fields_values table - how can this happen ??? How to recreate theese relations again ? Is it just adding new rows to the fields_values table or will this break something elsewhere ? Can you please fix this issue asap !!!
Hi Ronny,

I am unable to reproduce this issue. Can you please provide more information? You mentioned that there are two custom fields. Do those galleries have a lot of images?
The fact that this issue occurs only sometimes and not on every save indicates a server setup issue.
Probably your web server hits some limits and the save process is not completed.
Try to navigate to "System" -> "System Information" -> "PHP Information" and look for the following values:
  • max_input_vars

Please write down the values of those settings and then ask your hosting provider to increase them. .
In the meantime, I will try again to reproduce this issue just in case it's something else.

Finally, regarding the relation, the fields_values table holds the gallery id in the value field.

When it happened the first time i raised max_input_vars to 20000 and the post_max_size has been 128M all the time.

Yes there are 5 Showtime Image gallery fields with images in this article. One with 12 images, one with 28 images, one with 6 images, one with 2 images and one with 12 images.

It is only the custom fields relation for showtime image gallery that are removed by this error, the other custom fields in the article are not affected.
Showtime Image Gallery has several inputs for each image you add. So it can't be compared with a single text custom field.
Your setup with max_input_vars should be adequate for the fields you describe. However, as I wrote before, since I cannot reproduce the issue, and since the issue occurs in random, I am pretty sure that this is a server limitation.
So, until I find out what is causing this, I recommend again to raise the max_input_vars and also ask your customer some questions.
Is the save process completed when the issue occurs?
Does he get the "Article Saved" message or a server error?
Is there any special in those articles when compared with articles where the issue does not occur?

If it's possible, create a new private ticket and provide administrator credentials. I would like to create an unpublished article and try several things until I find what's causing this issue.


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