#1060 – Cannot upload JPG over 800k

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Everything was fine until around 2 weeks ago, that a JPG bigger than 800k always results in upload failure. It seems to be related to Joomla! system requirements plus :PHP GD Image library for resizing images. Now I've to use PNG format instead, which is actually larger than the JPG file but upload ok.
Hi Chan,

Showtime has no limits when uploading or processing images, but web servers do. This sounds like a memory limit issue to me.
If you have access to your server try to increase the following php.ini values:

If you don't have access to php.ini file ask your hosting company to increase those values for you.

You can see the actual values of your those settings in your Joomla administration area under "System" -> "System Information" -> "PHP Information".

Please let me know if that helps.

My memory limit is 3000m
upload max file size is 60m
post max size is also 60m

The problem did not occur before, just recently, and ONLY with showtime gallery, and ONLY with JPG format.
The error message was Error: Upload failure reason unknown
The picture uploaded just show a white screen with "upload failed"
Hi Chan,

If you updated your PHP version recently make sure that PHP GD is enabled.
If it is enabled, please create a new private ticket and provide administrator credentials so I can have a look.
If you can provide FTP access too, that would be great.


The following message was answered by our web server support department:
The GD library is compiled with PHP by default. All scripts that require the library should be able to use it. You can see other PHP-related technical information for your account in the hosting Control Panel (http://kcra.org.hk/cp/) -> System Information section.

Best Regards,


Today I did the test again, and I can upload more than 10MB Jpg, I don't know what went wrong before, and why it's back to normal now.
Thank you for your help.
You are welcome.
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