#1008 – Unable to edit gallery in article

Status: Open - Category: Showtime Image Gallery

Showtime Image Gallery v1.5.7 | Joomla ‎4.2.8 | PHP 8.1

After adding a gallery to an article we are not able to edit it using the edit icon in the topright corner. We can delete the gallery from the article, but not open it to edit it.

Console error:

index.php?option=com…yout=edit&id=29:136 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'dataset')
    at showtimeSetModalContent (index.php?option=com…t=edit&id=29:136:12)
    at HTMLSpanElement.<anonymous> (index.php?option=com…ut=edit&id=29:153:7)
    at HTMLBodyElement.dispatch (jquery.min.js?3.6.0:2:43064)
    at v.handle (jquery.min.js?3.6.0:2:41048)
showtimeSetModalContent	@	index.php?option=com…yout=edit&id=29:136
(anonymous)	@	index.php?option=com…yout=edit&id=29:153
dispatch	@	jquery.min.js?3.6.0:2
v.handle	@	jquery.min.js?3.6.0:2

I think this is a bug?

Kind regards,
Hi Jip,

Can you please provide some more information? Which editor are you using? Is it TinyMCE or something else?
Which browser are you using?
Any other third-party extensions installed?

This issue is only happening with JCE editor. Not with tinyMCE.
It happens on both Chrome and Edge.

It looks like JCE is adding some classes "mceNonEditable" to the code. But removing this in the article code does not seem to solve the issue. So it might not be related.

If you want we can provide you access to one of our sites to check it out 'live'.

Hi Jip,

Just tested under Joomla 4.2.8 with JCE core 2.9.33 and everything works fine for me under Chrome and Firefox.
Can you please share the exact version of JCE installed on your site?

We have the 2.9.33 PRO version installed.
I could send you the PRO version if you want.
Hi Jip,

Yes, that would be very helpful.

I have send an email to [email protected]
Hi Jip,

Just tested and it still works fine for me. Any other third-party extensions installed?

Yes. I'll send a SU account for our demo site to [email protected] so you can see for yourself. Maybe that will help.

Hi Jip,

It seems that the issue occurs only when Joomla editor buttons (insert image, insert gallery etc.) are located in editor toolbar instead being under the editor.
I am working on a fix at the moment.

Ok, that's weird ;-) Good find though. I did not think of that. Hope you can find a fix for it.
Hi! Any news about this issue?
Hi Jip,

I have implemented a fix for this issue. It needs some testing and then an update will come out soon.

Hi Lefteris, I installed the new version and this works better now. I do sometimes need to click the edit button twice to open the edit screen. Not sure why. I think this only happens when no item in the editor has been selected. So after opening an article with a gallery go straight to the edit button. On a first click you can see JCE is selecting the span but no action yet. On the second click the gallery is opened.

Not a big deal, it does work now but that might be a bit confusing for users.

Also I think these buttons don't work on a touch screen? I don't think a lot of users use the backend on a touch screen, but it maybe this can be fixed easily.

Have a good day and weekend!
kind regards,

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