#878 – Tag links give 404 - Page not found

Status: Closed - Category: Route 66

We noticed that tag links on one of are sites are now resulting in a '404 - Page not found' error. Also now some sitelinks shown in the Google result also show the same error.

We have set the tags to: {tagAlias}

When we disable 'tags' in Route66 the links work OK. But the Google indexed site links are obviously still there. So they still result in an error.

We could just disable the tags, but then we need to wait for Google to reindex the site...

Any thought on why the tags return a 404 page now? is this a bug in Route 66?

Kind regards,
Hi Jip,

Does this occur for all tags? Do you have some examples?
If it's possible please provide administrator access in a private ticket.

See my private ticket.
This has been fixed by lefteris. There was an issue with the Route 66 tags when 'Remove URL Language Code' was set in the plugin "System - Language Filter". Thanks!
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