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First what I am using:
Easy Blog with Route 66 on a Joomla 4 platform with PhP 7.4

I enter in all the information into Route 66 but it will save anything.
step 1: enter information: https://prnt.sc/26s551y
step 2: save/update post: https://prnt.sc/26s560w
step 3: I go back into the seo tab after updating post and it is empty: https://prnt.sc/26s57fb

Kind Regards,
R. Baker

P.S. I will also post this on stackidea to see if there is a underlining problem with Easyblog.
Hi Richard,

EasyBlog support inside the editing form is experimental. As far as I remember Route 66 was not able to save the score because EasyBlog does not trigger the content plugin events.
Which version of EasyBlog are you using? I can give it one more try. Would you mind send me the version that you are using? Just create a new private ticket and provide the link.

For integrations other than Joomla articles and K2 items the URL based analysis is the recommended way to go. It also does not save the score and the keyword at the moment but this is something we will change really soon.

Hello Lefteris,

Yes I will create a new ticket and keep it private.

Kind Regards,
R. Baker
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