#624 – k2 user page (blog)

Status: Closed - Category: Route 66
i have a page displaying k2 users modules
i have also created a menu item for each user blog page.

After installing Route66 - the links to user pages show 404

thank you

Have you defined any URL patterns for K2 users in Route 66? If you have menu links for each user there is no need to do this, just leave the user patterns empty.
Is there a link to the site with the issue?

i have removed the URL patterns for K2 users and now it works. thank you.
thank you very much

there is another problem with attached files to k2 items.
they don't open unless i change the url to go directly to the attachments folder
Which version of Route 66 are you using? As far as I remember this issue has been resolved at the past.

i'm using Route 66 v1.8.0 but some plugins (like the k2 ) are 1.7.1
According to the changelog this issue has been fixed in 1.7.2 release:


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