#628 – Duplicate article with images + some questions / suggestions

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When we have an article with articles images using the econa article images plugin and duplicate this article the image URL in the duplicated article is pointing to the article id folder of the original (duplicated) image. When the original article is deleted the images stored in the econa articles folder are also deleted. As it should. But now the image URL from the second (duplicated) is pointing to a not existing image, because it was deleted.

Is this the intended behavior?

Maybe it would be better to duplicate the images to the ID folder of the duplicated article so the URL's are always link to the corresponding article ID folder?

A somewhat related question about this plugin: Do you know if there is a way to only activate the images tab (Joomla) for specific categories?

And also: It might be useful to use this plugin with different setting (for example the image sizes) for different article categories? Maybe someone would need different settings for for example news an blog? But that might be not that easy...

And finally: Maybe it would be helpful for site content managers to be able to upload just one image for both the intro image and the full image and the let Econa just resize that image to the needed sizes for intro en full and save the URL in t he database. Now a user needs to upload / select and scale two images. This might not be that bad, for it gives the user more control, but sometimes just uploading one image and use it for both intro and full is just what is needed and will make the process of adding images a bit faster. Just a thought.

I do have to say I still really like your Econa extensions 'functionality. We use it on almmost every site we create. Thanks!
Hi Jip,

Unfortunately there is no plugin event in Joomla to let us know when an article is copied. Maybe we should update Econa to keep those files when an article is deleted. This way it would work exactly as the core images.

Regarding the images tab then I am afraid that there is no such option in Joomla. For such cases maybe it's better to use custom fields. And using a custom field you can have different sizes per field.

Thank you once again for your feedback.

Hi Lefteris,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Letting Econa keep files when an article sis deleted is possible, but this will eventually cost disk space while the images are not being used. I think deleting article images when the article is deleted is a good way to go. users probably will not delete images themselves in most cases. I do like this feature in Econa. This keeps the site as 'lean' as possible when it comes to disk space.

But the disadvantage is that a duplicated article that refers to the original images would have the issue as described in my post. Maybe a better solution (the to not delete images) would be to move / copy the images to a new folder. But I am not sure what is needed to accomplish this... Maybe the "onContentAfterSave" would help? Once the article is save you might get the ID and the use this ID to change the ID in the image path? You might even be able to 'predict' the ID (highest ID+ 1?) and then change the URL using this ID?

I am not a programmer so maybe that makes no sense ;-)

It's not a huge issue for me though. Just something I encountered and wanted to share with you.

Kind regards,
Are you still looking into this? Again, this is not a big issue for me a t this point, but something to keep in mind.
Hi Jip,

Yes, this is a feature that I want to implement.

OK, we'll wait and see what happens ;-)
Yes, let's wait for the Joomla 4 release....

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