#286 – 404 when trying to select image in the frontend

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I get 404 page not found, when trying to select image in the frontend.

I have JCE editor installed and use the JCE File browser. This was also working in the frontend.
After Econa was installed I noticed that JCE File browser is no longer available in backend.
So now I have standard J! file browser.
That's ok, but this does not work in the frontend. The modal is opened, but I only get 404 page not found.
If I use (copy) the link that is used for the modal, then I get the file browser.
(link= index.php?option=com_media&view=images&tmpl=component&asset=com_content&author=&fieldid=path&ismoo=0&folder=)

Of cource I installed Econa on a local test site.

Do you have an explanation for this?
I realy would like to keep using Econa and install it on my life site.

Best Regards.

I see two different situations here. The first is that Econa is actually replacing the media fields with the custom Econa field. That's why you do not see the JCE media manager. This is something we can fix in Econa. We can detect if JCE is installed and use it's media manager.
The front-end issue, is a different story. Probably you need to check the permissions. Econa is not doing anything fancy here. It just opens the core media manager. Also check the browser console for any errors.


Thanks for the fast reply.
If you have a way to fix the JCE file manager, that would be great. Please let me know.

As for the frontend issue, in the meantime I found the cause of it:
There was an override for the ..html/layouts/joomla/form/field/media.php file
After deleting this override, the problem was solved.

Now I can continue with testing Econa.
I have a lot more question here; the documentation is quite limited.
I will submit another ticket for that.

Best Regards
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