Route 66 PRO 1.6.4 released on Friday, 22 February 2019

Route 66 PRO 1.6.4 for Joomla is now available for download for users with an active subscription. This is a bug fix release.


  • UX improvements when SEO analyser is used in toolbar position.
  • Fixed: OG Metadata was not working when caching was enabled.
  • Fixed OG metadata issue.
  • Fixed K2 routing issues when multi language is enabled.
  • CSS Optimization: Exclude dynamic CSS files (.php)
  • Fixed PHP fatal error under PHP versions lower than 5.5.
  • Fixed issue when only the ID is used in a URL pattern.
  • Fixed: Menus sitemap was adding ?lang=* to all items even if it shouldn't.
  • Fixed PHP notices when multi language is not enabled.
  • Fixed menu trailing slash issues when multiple languages are enabled.
  • Measure the title width correctly in SEO analysis.
  • Fixed canonical generation for K2 menu links to multiple categories.
  • Updated Yoast version.
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