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I haven a problem with showtime image gallery in Joomla 4. I made a showtime custom field. When i edit an article in the backend it works fine.
When I open te same article on the frontend the images ar there, but when I try to edit the fields they don't show up. When I try to upload images on the frontend I get the message "Upload Failed"
Tested this on several Joomla 4 installations

Can you help me?

Hans Blankenstein
Hi Hans,

You are totally right, there is an issue in front-end editing. We will release an update to fix this.
If you can't wait for the update let me know so I can provide you the development version with the fix.
Thank you for reporting this!

Ok Lefteris thank you for your response,
Please send me the development version with the fix, I am building a site for a customer that needs the gallery

Hi Hans,

Just sent you an email with the development version.
Please let me know if it works for you.

Works fine Lefteris, Thanks.
Can I just use this until the update version is released and then overwrite this with the update version without losing my images and settings?
You are welcome. Yes, you can use this version until the next update is released.
No settings or data will get lost. Settings and data are removed only when you uninstall the extension.

Thanks a Lot
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