#760 – problem with the reside images in the gallery

Status: Pending - Category: Showtime Image Gallery
hi, i tried severl times to create the little thumbs of the gallery but it cannot show lot images, you can see on this web site https://www.la-scuderia-arezzo.it
what's the problem? thanks

here the problem https://www.la-scuderia-arezzo.it/problema.jpg
Hi Francy,

It seems that this specific lightbox renderer is not working good with lazy loaded images. Showtime Image Gallery uses lazy load for images to keep your site fast.
Please create a new private ticket and include administrator credentials. I will create a new layout override for you without the lazy loading functionality.
Alternatively you can use a different lightbox from the available options.

ok but i cannot understand how i can open a private ticket, thanks
When you create a new ticket, right below the "Topic" field there is a dropdown named "Ticket Visibility". Just set this to "Private" before creating your ticket.

It seems that it's not our Showtime's lazy loading causing this. It's the template's lazy loading functionality causing this issue.
I disabled it and everything works fine: https://www.la-scuderia-arezzo.it/appartamenti/uncategorised/la-scuderia-appartamenti-in-affitto

You have to either disable template's images lazy loading or try to use a different lightbox or layout in Showtime Image Gallery.


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