#759 – Pull down fields not working

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Hi, as we are started to work with joomla 4 - thank you for providing the new zip-file with modified version - sorry, i found another bug.

Inside of an article i open the gallery - it opens in the modal window.
There are - also in the different tabs - pull-down menu items.

If i click on one, it opens - just for the part of a second - and closes immedeately. I is never possible, to choose one of the items there.

Please check and provide a solution, that we can start to work.

Thank you and best regards
Hi again, i have setup another Joomla 4 instance, installed the latest version from you also, and have the same situation.
Pull down menus inside the modal wilndow inside of an article are not properly working as described.
On other hand - if i open a gallery inside the component part, it works.
Thanks for an update.
Best regards
Hi Frank,

Can you please provide more details? Which browser are you using? Just tested and everything works fine for me:


Hi, on firefox - latest version.
Very interesting, because i am always working on firefox - tested this with chrome and it is working. Yes.

So, hopefully i need not to change the system settings in case of this incompatible sort of software?
I think you know what to do ti fix this for firefox!
Best regards
Firefox is great we also love it!
It seems that there is a javascript conflict between the Bootstrap 5 modal that Joomla uses and the upload library we use in Showtime.
I tried to fix it with no success until now. I will try again. Otherwise I will rewrite the whole functionality from scratch in order to get rid of the library we use now.
In the latter case, this will take some time, so please be patient.

Thank you for the great feedback.

Ok, understood - as i want to use that, i will wait - hopefully not too long ;-)

Good luck - and please let me know, if you can provide a new version with complete functionality.

Best regards
Hi, just want to ask, if there are any news on track for the next version?

As i know the gallery extension in joomla 3 in know, that a new gallery, seting up inside in an article by adding the gallery there, has a correct (readable) name. I can find it also in the component >galleries listing with a name i can understand.

The new version in joomla 4 not. The gallery name itself (to see in the galleries list in compoentent) - the name of a gallery is just a follow of characters and numbers e.g. 615b49e66242a

Very important question: Where do i set the name of a gallery in the moment of setting up - by adding it inside a content.

Thank you for a quick info and best regards
Hi Frank,

Unfortunately, I have no news on the drop down fields issue under Chrome yet.

The automatic title works for galleries in custom fields only, not for galleries inserted into article text.
I just checked under Joomla 4 and it works as expected. I created a new article with a gallery (in custom field) and the new gallery took the article title. Does this work for you?

If you wish to set the gallery name on your own you can enable the relevant input field in the component options. There are two options, one for the custom field and one for the editor modal:
Title Field in Custom Fields
Title Field in Editor Modal

Please let me know if you need more help with this.

great - i did not know that difference - i saw the option, to fill a gallery inside a content (not as custom field). But this is much more flexible - in case as i can fill one or more galleries in a content, correct?

And i switched on the title field. Ans yes, it works.
Thank you.

BUT - if i work with the core tiny-mce-edtitor, it works.
But i use basically the version of jce - there i can see the field, but not click in and write. It is NOT functional in that editor.

In Case of working on the extension, please also check, what is needed.

Thank you and best
Hi Lefteris,
just want to aks, if you are on track with an update?
Currently i have 3 (three) Joomla 4 Pages, in no page i can work free of hassle.

One page has no Tabs. If i set the gallery with the pulldown menu from the editor, the field for the gallery name is viewable (i need to fill in manuall now)
If i forget to fill in and load first pictures, i an not able to fill in the name any more. Bug? Or fetaure?

In next page there are the tabs, but only empty text-fields inside. No functionality.

So, please check again those things - and let me know if you have a newer version for me.

It is urgend - i want to get ready with this project - cause i want to go to make holidays ... i visit GREECE - Crete!
So, greek man - please help me as soon as possible!

Thanks and best regards

Hi, new status, currently we aere on the way that it works. so far.
But if i load up some more pictures, i get the fail message and one ore more pictures are not loaded up:

Error: XHR returned response code 500

Please let me know, what ist the reason - how to resolve?
Thank you
Hi Frank,

The only thing I can think right now is that the images are too large and your server is hitting PHP's memory limit.
You can see your current memory limit at "System" -> "System Information" -> "PHP Information". Just search there for the key "memory_limit" and you will see it's current value. If it's too low (like 32MB for example) you might need to increase it if you expect to process very large images.
However since this is just my guess I cannot be completely sure. I need access to your site in order to troubleshoot this. Please create a new private ticket and include administrator credentials so I can have a look.

Yes, thank you ... i will check this in case of php settings.
I open an ew ticket for the problem with contents.
Thank you
Hi Frank,

Just noticed that the issue has been resolved. I am using the latest Firefox with Joomla 4.0.4. Can you please confirm that everything works as expected?
If yes, this was probably a Joomla issue which has been fixed in the last update.


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