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 Hi, i used the gallery already in J3 - there was another tab inside a content, to add photos to the content.

Now i migrated a page to Joomla 4 -and installed the gallery in the latest version.
I see all pictures, in the component i can see all galleries - all fine so far.

But inside the content i don´t see the additional tab for adding pivtures. In your documention you write about a button. I did not find.
The component and plugins are all installed correct, as i can see.

So please let me know - is this a bug - or do i need instructions how to work with it (an needs to modify your documentation=?

Thank you very much
Best regards
Hi, i also set up a complete new installation of jooma4 - installed the latest version of the showtime image gallery ... and i did not see the tab, where to set the pictures.
Also i did not find the button in tiny mce editor ...
In the pull-down menu i foud it - but after clicking on showtime - nothing happens.

my opinion to use your gallery was the workflow inside of an article - filling text and all content, switch to the tab, drag and drop the pictures - and they are ready for publishing.>

In joomla 4 i cannot work in this case?
Or is it jat a bug, you need to find and clear?
Thanks fpr your quick feedback - i want to start to work on the project.

Best regards
OK, it goes on ... it seems to work in case of workflow - i can add pictures and so on - but if i save the gallery (after choosing the pictures from pc) and setting the infos and text, i get a fail massage:

Save failed with the following error: Incorrect datetime value: '' for column 'checked_out_time' at row 1


Please check and let me know, how to resolve.

Thank you and best regards
Hi, in meantime i i set up another jooml 4 instanc for testing some extensions. The first time set up a new gallery will work,
But ater modifying existing galler - e.g. adding a picture - with saving i get the fail message:
Speichern fehlgeschlagen. Fehler: Incorrect datetime value: '' for column 'checked_out_time' at row 1

Please show a reaction and help to use the extension - which basicly i reall like most of all i used before.

Thanks and best regards
Hi Frank,

The extension should work fine under Joomla 4. Of course, we are here to fix any issues.
I have made several tests and everything works fine for me. Is it possible to provide the URL of your site so I can have a look?
Make sure to create a new private ticket and include administrator credentials.


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