#746 – Showtime Image Gallery, image editing screen freezes

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Hello Lefteris,
Everything fine I hope and enjoying holiday?
On my clients site I'm using Showtime Image Gallery to upload an intro image (as a custom field).
Everything worked fine for quite a while.
Since some days there is an error after uploading an image(at most from 5 august since my client last used it then).
Normally when you upload an image the page redirects to a page where you can resize, cropp, etc. the image.
This screen freezes and you can't do anything anymore.
I've used a backup to set the Joomla version back to 3.10 but that doesn't work.
I also used a different Editor for this user but that also doesn't help.
Maybe you have an idea?
Is this maybe a server related issue?
Thanks and enjoy your holiday!
Greetings Ton

Clients website
I forgot to say, this is all through the frontend.
The backend works fine.
Hi Ton,

This sounds to me like a javascript or CSS conflict with the front-end. I need access to troubleshoot this. Please create a new private ticket and provide login credentials so I can have a look.

Hello Lefteris,

I just did, thanks!
Hi Ton,

Which browser are you using? Just signed in the front-end and tried to create an article. I added an image to the field "Afbeelding intro" and everything worked fine. There was just a minor CSS conflict with your template which is applying a maximum height to the modal.
Other than that, everything worked fine, I was able to crop the image with no issues. Note that I used Google Chrome.

In order to fix the modal height issue just add the following CSS code in your site:
.econa-modal .modal-body {max-height:none;}

Please let me know about the browser you are using. Also check the browser console for any errors.

Hello Lefteris,
I'm using Firefox, the latest version.
As you asked I tested it in Chrome and Edge and there it works just fine.
Then I tried again in Firefox and now it does work.. strange.
I will ask my client if he wants to try again and let me know if it works again on his side.
Greetings, Ton
You are welcome. I am glad that it works now. Please let me know if there are any issues.

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