#745 – problem with joomla 4 + helix framework

Status: Open - Category: Showtime Image Gallery
 hi i installed in localhost joomla 4 + helix template, i tried to add the showimage gallery in a module in the homepage, i tried with {showtime 1} or the code but it doesn't work, can you helo me?
Hi Francy,

Can you please provide the name of the module you used? If it's the core "Custom" module then just make sure that you have set the option "Prepare Content" to "Yes".
If it's a third party module then it has to support content plugins. Your other option is to use the "Showtime Image Gallery" that is provided by our extension.

yes it's a custom module, i set yes in "Interpret plugin code" but it doesn0t work. also in che joomla articles it doesn't work
There is no option named "Interpret plugin code" in the core "Custom" module. The relevant option is named "Prepare Content". Just made some tests and works fine.
Are you sure that this is the core module and not a third-party? Even if it's a third-party module using the plugin code {showtime X} should work as long as the module supports content plugins.

In any case, please create a new private ticket and include administrator credentials so I can have a look.


i installed joomla 3 with helix framework and it works properly, i think your showgallery doesn't work with joomla 4
Hi Francy,

Showitme Image Gallery works fine with Joomla 4. As I wrote in a previous answer I made several tests and worked perfectly using the core "Custom" module.
Probably, it's the Helix framework not triggering the content plugins not our extension.

If you need help with this please create a new private ticket so I can have a look.


ok i install it online and i tell you, i think the problem is the helix framework, thanks

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