#737 – Load images from CMS media manager?

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When creating a new gallery we can upload files from our computer. We don't see an option to load existing images (from media manager) in a gallery. This is not possible at this time?

We are migrating some sites from a different image gallery tool (Showtime is better and more user friendly) and need to place images in folder from the CMS 'images' (sub)foders to Showtime.

Maybe it would be nice to be able to have a button 'Media manager' next to the upload button to be able to use CMS images. And after this they can be deleted in the images folder. Now we have to first download and then upload again.

Maybe this would also help other new users that want to migrate to Showtime.

Kind regards,
Hi Jip,

This is a feature we want to implement since it has been requested by many users of the extension. The issue is that the core media manager does not support multiple images selection. This means that we need to build our own media manager solution in order to add this feature...
That's the reason it has not been implemented yet.

Hi Lefteris,

OK, good to know this is being looked at. I understand building your own media manager is not an easy task.

Maybe you could simplify it a bit bij letting users just select a folder(name) and then import all files in that folder? For migration purposes that would be all you need. This won;t let you actually select images, but it might be a first step.

Just a thought ;-)

And how about maybe using the JCE media manager in stead? Can that mediamanager be used for selecting multiple images? The downnside is that not everyone might have JCE installed...
We cannot rely on a third-party extension like JCE. In addition to this, I don't think that JCE media browser allows you to select multiple images.
We will definitely want to build our own solution which it will integrate with all our extensions.

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