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I am using showtime with images in Joomla custom fields. I deleted the Showtime component by mistake, but when I reinstalled the images are all missing. I thought it would keep the DB entries. I tried even restoring the fields_values tables from a backup but it does not seem to store the image paths. Where are the custom field galleries stored and how could I get them back?
Hi Cheryl,

Unfortunately you can't get them back without a backup.
When the component is uninstalled all it's data is removed. Showtime Image Gallery has it's own database tables (#__showtime_galleries and #__showtime_images).
If you have a backup you can try to restore those tables.
However I am not sure if Joomla installer also removes the media folder of the component. But I think not, the images should be still on your filesystem.

Please let me know if you need help with this.

Thank you, I was able to restore the gallery tabled you mentioned, as well as the media storage folder. That brought everything back! I was surprised because normally when you remove a component the tables do not disappear. I think extension is great and I appreciate your service.
You are welcome. Removing an extension should remove everything related with it in my opinion. In any case, the next time you can try to disable an extension instead of removing it.
Since you like the extension it would be great if you could spend two minutes to post a review at the Joomla extensions directory .

Please let me know if you need anything else.

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