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 Hello. I added the custom field to the registration form, but It doesn´t work as it asks the user to set a lot of caracteristics and options.
Where can I find a tutorial where I can see how a user can add images or categories?

Thank you!
Hi Rafael,

Can you please clarify? What kind of options do you see?

Sorry, I don´t know how to paste a capture here. I´ll try to explain.

When the user goes to Edit profile, he finds the diferent fields, and one of them is Showtime. Showtime field displays another different fields, such a:

- Titlle
- A menu with: Add images, Delete All Images, Options
- The gallery where the pictures are added to (which by the way, it doesn´t work, I get a message saying "Upload failed".
- Images
- Display
- Thumbnail Image Width *
- Thumbnail Image Height *
- Thumbnail Image Resize Method *
and so...

Thank you!
Hi Rafael,

There is an option for hiding the gallery title field in the form.
But there is no option for hiding the "Options" tab. You can do it with a bit of CSS.
Please create a new private ticket and include administrator credentials so I can try to add the required CSS code for you.
And I will also check why the upload is not working - I guess this is a permissions issue. Have you checked the "Permissions" tab under Showtime Image Gallery component options?

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