#704 – How to remove 'stripes' of next/previous images

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Using image gallery in article extra field. Here is an example page

As you can see there are little 'stripes' on the left and right hand side of the next/previous image. How can I remove these stripes?

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,
Hi Liesbeth,

I just visited the page and I didn't notice any stripes. Checked both with Google Chrome and Firefox under mac. Which browser are you using?
What I noticed was the outline border when dragging the image. If you want to remove that, here is the code:
.showtime-image:focus {
    outline: none;

Hi Lefteris,

The stripes are visible on 1200px viewport (in chrome)
And some other viewports you can see the stripes of previous/next image. If you play with the viewport you will probably see it
I still see no stripes in 1200px. It works perfectly for me even when resizing the viewport.
The next and previous images are normal to create stripes since all images do not have the same ratio.
Some things you can try is enable the "center mode" or even change the "Effect" option from "slide" to "fade".


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