#699 – Thumbnails are stretched after updating to 1.5.0 and now 1.5.1

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After updating from version 1.4.3 to version 1.5.0 I noticed that all the thumbnails are stretched.
Happens also when I update from 1.4.3 to 1.5.1
I have not changed any gallery settings.
Even created a new gallery inside an article using the new version after deleting the old galleries and deleting all the images under /public/media/showtime/storage
Still no luck.
Any suggestions?

Switched back to 1.4.3 now
Would be nice to know what has changed since version 1.4.3 (Version History on website maybe?)

Thank you in advance!
Hi Dick,

You can find the release history for all our extensions at https://www.firecoders.com/releases
Do you have any screenshot of the issue? Is there a link to your site?

We added image dimensions in markup to improve performance and core web vitals. But normally this should not stretch the images.
Not sure why this happened. It's working fine in our demo: https://www.firecoders.com/demos/showtime-image-gallery-for-joomla

Hello Lefteris,

Thank you.
Just installed version 1.5.1 again



Scroll down all the way
Hi Lefteris,

Reinstalled version 1.4.3 for now
Here is a screenprint:
Hi Dick,

The fix is really simple. Just add the following CSS code to your site:
.showtime-default .showtime-image img {height:auto}

I will add this to the extension in the next update if you prefer to wait and not add the code by yourself.
This piece of code is used for responsive images. Almost all templates nowadays include this so I didn't consider adding it in the extension. My fault.
Thank you for reporting this.

Hi Lefteris,

Thank you! Just added the piece of code and updated to version 1.5.1
Works great again now.
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