#513 – Auto delete source image?

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Hi! Is there a setting to auto delete uploaded source images? We have some sites that have quit a large source files dolder, but I believe they are not used by the extension itself after creating the different sizes images?

If this is not an option in the extension, can we manually remove the source files without interfering with the functionality of the extension? Or may you could add a button 'remove all source images' somewhere? Just a thought...

The only drawback might be that changing sizes for the images in the extension will not regenerate the needed files sizes?

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Adding such a button will break the functionality of the extension. As you correctly wrote it will be impossible to change the size of the thumbnail or main images of the gallery. If you want you can always delete the original images manually.

A solution might be to resize the original images at a maximum width of 2000 - 2500 pixels so the file is reduced.
What do you think?

I think reducing the original image to 2000 pixels is not a bad idea! If we also add a bit of compression to it (80%) we probably would save a lot of HD space when users uplaod images of 5 or 6 MB.

And this image can still be used as a source for when images need to be rerendered at different sizes.

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Great. I will add an option for that so it can be changed by site administrators depending on their needs.
Thank you for your feedback.

I believe this setting has been added. So I'll close this issue.
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