#294 – Upload failed in front end. Missing images uploaded already from backend in editing tab as well

Status: Closed - Category: Showtime Image Gallery
I get the following error when the editing interface is accessed in frontend:
[Fine Uploader 5.15.4] GET request for sessionRefresh has failed - response code 403 fine-uploader.min.js:2:2560
[Fine Uploader 5.15.4] Problem parsing session response: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data fine-uploader.min.js:2:2560
[Fine Uploader 5.15.4] Caught exception in 'onSessionRequestComplete' callback - response is null; can't access its "length" property fine-uploader.min.js:2:2560
Source map error: request failed with status 404
Resource URL: .../administrator/components/com_showtime/js/vendor/fine-uploader.min.js?1.4.0
Source Map URL: fine-uploader.min.js.map[Learn More]
I have upload an image in backend for this article and is displayed in article view but on editing screen the image gallery tab is empty and the upload is not possible as well.
where this fine-uploader.min.js.map file should be in order to give access rights to it? I use akeeba's admin tools as additional security.

I don't think this has to do with Admin Tools. Are you using the latest version of Showtime Image Gallery? There was an issue with front-end editing but this has been fixed in version 1.4.0.

Yep, I just download it today from your site as I have purchased a subscription.
See the screenshots:
The third one shows an attempt to upload a picture. Is missing also, from frontend editing view, the already backend uploaded picture as well. In backend I have the image 001 screenshot at the article "eryher" . That image is visible also in article view in frontend. The editing view is buggy.
Please create a new private ticket and include a link to your site and login credentials so I can take a look.
Found out why this is doing issues: the user group rights.

I have created custom user group structure (a "Custom user group") for frontend only maintenance, specific to some categories (according with my customer's specifications). I have allowed rights to view and edit to the Joomla's custom field type Showtime Image Gallery for that users belonging to "custom user group".
But I did not set rights for "Custom user group" to the component "com_showtime" itself. As a result the component wasn't working for my "custom user group" in frontend. A soon as I have give that group "Custom user group", rights to edit the component "com_showtime" in backend, the things went normal.

You should add to installation instructions a warning regarding custom groups defined outside Joomla's built in groups. Custom developers that try to offer a complete frontend interface to the customers and keep the backend for what is built (for administration tasks) may encounter the same issue as I did. Setting editing rights on custom field is not enough to have the component working..

Otherwise an excellent component that brings a long waited (at least by me) image management in frontend. congratulations!
That was a good one. We will find a way to inform users about this in order to avoid frustration. Thank you for reporting this.
I am really glad that you like the extension. If you want, please post a review about it at the Joomla extensions directory.

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