#280 – Error with editor plugin

Status: Closed - Category: Showtime Image Gallery
when I try to add some photos I got this Error:
Cannot display editor, no editor plugin enabled.
But I have plugins enabled: Editor - JCE and Editor - Codemirror
If I enable editor - TinyMCE, it start working and there is no error, but Im not using TinyMCE
So there is some problem when Showtime can work only with TinyMCE, but nothing else..

Showtime works both with TinyMCE and JCE. Codemirror is not supported currently. Are you facing issues with JCE? If yes, please create a new private ticket with administrator credentials so I can take a look.

I can not send admin login, because my site is not livesite now, it is in preparations on localhost.
But this problem appears also on clean joomla + showtime image gallery + JCE, when I disable TinyMCE editor plugin. Can you try it?
Have you selected an editor in the Global configuration? You also need to ensure that you have not set editor to "None" in the user settings.

Yes I have selected editor both in Global config and user settings. This is situation again:
I install clean Joomla, JCE and Showtime image gallery. Then I select JCE as editor in Global configuration and then I disable TinyMCE plugin. Now Showtime give me: Error - Unable to display an editor because no editor plugin is published. All other components show JCE editor normally.
Next strange thing:
Now when I enable TinyMCE plugin, but in configuration is still JCE, Showtime works, but display TinyMCE instead of JCE.
Just keep the TinyMCE plugin enabled. Showtime Image Gallery is using TinyMCE in the image editing modal. It should not affect the article editor.

Ok, but I think it should work also with another editor like JCE too.
JCE didn't support dynamic initialisation (for use in the modal) the last time I checked. That's why we enforce the TinyMCE editor for the image descriptions.

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