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 Recently started using Showtime Image Gallery. Love it.

But, I discovered a problem this morning. In the image description edit screen I want to include a link to a page on the same website (photographer portfolio page). At first I copied in the "relative" URL -
e.g. /photographers/3333-bryan-burton.html
for some reason the first / isn't saved resulting in the link field being

This causes the link to go to:
rather than:

Note: the photo gallery is in this area of the site:

so the url field is appending photographers/3333-bryan-burton.html onto the end

The page looks fine. But, I think Google will be real upset that I am creating the exact same page at two different urls.

I have tried editing the url, deleting it and redoing. I even tried including the full path:
but it still saves


We are on vacations mode but we will try to look into this as soon as possible!

Thank you.

Here is the front end of the photo gallery:
Joomla strips the leading slash for internal links when saving, and it computes the correct link again in front-end when rendering. The problem is that the gallery descriptions are passed as data attributes to the markup and the core SEF plugin cannot detect them properly.

We will try to find a solution for this.

Thank you for reporting.
Thanks for looking into this. It is super important that I can link from a photo to another page (article or category) on the same site.
Thanks for fixing this. Showtime Image Gallery is awesome!
You are welcome!
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