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Thanks for your great work on your extentions.
At our agency we have think about a using of the gallery comp/modules/custom fields :
1/ How to show a slideshow module in an article which use the images load in the custom fields of the current article => a dynamic module
2/ The other idea :is the custom fields create the gallery in a showtime category. The custom fields create a showtime category based on the article category. With this function we can create a module which load automatically all the image of a com_content category and dynamicaly.

Sorry if i'm not clear enouph but we are very veryy interested by these function (the module for articles is a big lack for on of our current project)

Thanks for your concern

Your ideas are really interesting. Just to note a few things:

1. Usually modules do not depend on the page URL (i.e. the current article id). This kind of functionality is better suited for plugins. However, if you want to place the gallery in the sidebar for example, then you have to change the article layout. I will try to add an option to the showtime module for loading the current article gallery instead of using filters. If it goes well, it will be included in the next update.

2. If I got this right, you are asking for a way to select Showtime category when you create gallery in the article form. Showtime has already categories, so we could just add an option for displaying the category field inside the custom field. Is that helpful?

Thank you for your kind words regarding our work. Since you like Showtime Image Gallery for Joomla, it would be nice if you had the time to post a review at the Joomla extensions directory . It's really important for us!

Let us know about your thoughts, or if you need anything else.

1/ A lot of module are "dynamic" lire the core "mod_articles_category" ;-) I think module need three more options :
- a specific gallery not only specific category
- current article bas on showtime custom fields of course
- the mor tricky if acurrent category option (and there come all the questions about sub-categories or not ^^) base on the 2/ option => not an easy one I understand that and the already sepcific category could do the work for now BUT with a current category option you not have to created and assign a module for each category but just one ! In medimum/large website it could make the difference because when you have to modify a a parameters you not have to modify aaaaall the modules juste the dynamic one ;-)

2/ Selecting Showtime category from Article form is an option but I think a "smoother" one could be the showtime categoryauto use could be auto create and name from the article category !
In my mind :
A/ You create a showtime filds and in the option you select the "category mode" : auto from the article or manual
B/ If you have
- selected manual in the article form you have to select a already created showtime category
- selected auto when you save your article the showtime customFields test if a showtimeCategory with the same same of the articleCategory already exist if none it create one and then save the gallery in this category

The modules in general are not designed to be dynamic based on URLs. In addition to this, if you have a module that is based on the URL you should also remember to disable the module caching. Otherwise you will get unexpected results.

I will try to implement most of your ideas, since I agree that they are useful. The issue here is that Showtime Image Gallery works with any extension that supports custom fields, not just Joomla articles. This means that I have to implement those features in an abstract way. Expect the new options in the next update!

Finally, as I wrote before, I will really appreciate it if you post a review at the Joomla extensions directory!

Thank you very much for the great feedback you have provided.

I agree with the cache module have to be select to none/disable, it can be achieved either by a message or seleted by default in the xml
And of course I have think about the custom fields could be used in another component (even if for now the component dev dopn't use the custom fields system that much :-/) and I think in a wonderfull world the "current item" (not only article) parameters could be a nice features.

I will go post to the JED, have a date for this next feature for us to plannify our work ?
Unfortunately, I cannot give a date, but it will not take long. If some of the features are more urgent let me know so I can break the features in two releases.

Yeah I think the two release is the best way. The most "urgent" is the possibility from the module to select the current article gallery custom fields

Thanks for this (I have posted in JED)
Thank you for the review. I will start implementing the current article gallery feature as soon as possible.

Any ETA on this promising feature ?
I have been really busy the last month. I will try to deliver the dynamic module functionality within the next ten days.

THanks, with this we can work on our side ;-)
Check your email, I have sent you an updated version of the module. Please report any issues.

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