#110 – Return to #99 – Delete uploaded original images

Status: Pending - Category: Showtime Image Gallery
I would like to return to the design to allow the deletion of original images - a significant saving of space on the webhosting.
Option do not save original images when uploading and generate previews from large images.
Allow to set maximum size (resize) of original image.
Thank you for considering this options.

We will consider adding this in a future update.

Super. Thanks.
You are welcome.
Hello, can I ask if the term of adding this option is already known?
Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to implement this in the last update. We will try our best to include it in the next release.

Thanks, I miss this much.
I understand. We are really sorry we didn't make it in the last update.
The end of the subscription is approaching, so I ask again whether this option will be added. Thank you in advance for your reply.

No, it will not be added that soon.


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