#1029 – Galleries not connected to custom field after migration to 4.3.0

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I just updated a site from 3.10.11 to 4.3.0 - all galleries in the Showtime Image Gallery seem to still be there but no longer conected to any article via the custom field and if I enter through the Gallery component I cannot edit the images!!! !!??
Showtime image gallery was latest version 1.5.7 befor the migration.
Is this at all ready for Joomla 4 ????
I can see this error in the browserconsole if i enter a gallery in backend:

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: form[name="adminForm"
jQuery 8
init http://telefontavlen.xxxxxx-dev.dk/administrator/components/com_showtime/js/showtime.js?1.5.7:15
<anonymous> http://telefontavlen.xxxxxx-dev.dk/administrator/components/com_showtime/js/showtime.js?1.5.7:209
jQuery 13
Hi Ronny,

Yes, Showtime Image Gallery is Joomla 4 ready since day 1 of Joomla 4 release. This issue was introduced 3 days ago, when Joomla 4.3 was released. Showtime Image Gallery is working perfectly with all 4.x versions prior to 4.3.
In any case, I have applied a fix for the next update which will come out very soon. If you cannot wait until then here is what you need to do:

Edit file administrator/components/com_showtime/js/showtime.js

1. Replace line 15 contents with the following code:

2. Replace line 17 contents with the following code:

After you apply the changes you may need to clear your browser cache.

If all that sounds too complicated, please create a private ticket and provide FTP access to your server so I can do it for you.

Note that this will fix the issue preventing you to edit the gallery. The custom field connection issue is something different and probably has to do with the update. Are other custom fields working? If other custom fields are working after the update then Showtime Image Gallery custom fields will work too.


Thank you - that worked.
Do you know what has happended in Joomla 4.3 to cause this error ?
Hi Ronny,

Joomla 4.3 contains several changes but in that case this was just an update of jQuery library.
Is the other issue resolved too? Are your galleries now connected to articles?


Showtime Image Gallery v1.5.8 is out and should fix this issue. Thank you for reporting.

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