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I'd bought route 66 pro for rewrite urls. I use the component page builder.
How can I rewrite urls?
Hello Alessandro,

Can you please clarify? Which page builder component are you using?

The one of Joomshaper.
This is an example http://www.puntoelinea.it/component/sppagebuilder/page/7
SP PageBuilder works with regular Joomla articles. So all you have to do is enter the desired URL pattern for Joomla articles in Route 66 and everything should work fine.
Please let me know if you need help with this.

Could you make an example. Thanks
Hi Alessandro,

It depends on what URL structure you wish to have. If for example you just want the article alias to the URL you can use the following URL pattern:

After doing this, since SP PageBuilder creates regular Joomla articles the URLs of those pages will change.
You can see more examples of the available URL patterns at the documentation page at https://www.firecoders.com/documentation/route-66 .
If you still need help with this just create a new private ticket and provide administrator access so I can configure the extension for you.


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