#864 – Error in articles Sitemap

Status: Pending - Category: Route 66
Hi, I tried to generate an XML sitemap in Route66.
The menu sitemap works well, the articles sitemap gives this error:

Error: Call to undefined method Joomla\CMS\Document\RawDocument::addFavicon(): View not found [name, type, prefix]: article, xmlloc, contentView

I use Joomla! 3.10.6
How can I solve this issue? Thanky you
Hi Mario,

This error is not coming from Route 66. It's coming from your template or an other extension. Are you using an extension for your site favicon?
An extension tries to set a favicon which is not valid when viewing an XML document like sitemap. Is there a link to the page with the issue?

Thanks for the reply!

I tried to disable basically all my extensions and templates but nothing changed.
I'm using my template (Helix3 by JoomShaper) to set the favicon.

Can I send you the link to the page in private?
Hi Mario,

Yes, just create a new private ticket. I guess that Helix is trying to set the favicon without checking if the current document is HTML.


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