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Status: Pending - Category: Route 66
Hi, I am a free version of the route66 user.
When have disabled route 66 plugging everything is ok, but, when enabling route 66 article URL patterns are {categoryAlias}/{articleAlias} but in fronted have 404
Hi Komir,

Can you please provide more details? Which version of Joomla are you using? Is there a link to the site with the issue?

Hi, I am using Joomla! 3.10.5, PHP 7.4.27. Don't have any other sef except route66 free
Here is the link to the blog and then click on the article get 404 https://www.domidona-it.hr/blog-domidona
Hi Komir,

Can you please verify that all Route 66 plugins are enabled?
As I can see all plugins are enabled. I disabled all of them and enabled again but still not working
Don't know why but on my other page happens the same.
Hi Komir,

Please create a new private ticket and include administrator credentials so I can troubleshoot this.

Hi Komir,

Can you please verify that everything works fine now?

Yes, it is working as expected, thank you.
Please, what was wrong, so I can fix it on my pages?
Hi Komir,

There is nothing you have to change on your side. An update will get released soon.
If you want to apply the change on your own just replace the file plugins/system/route66/lib/router.php on the other sites with the one I applied the fix.
Thank you for reporting this.


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