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Status: Pending - Category: Route 66
 Pictures from OS Gallery extension only uploads if Route 66 Google PageSpeed plugin is deactivated.
Hi Fernando,

Google PageSpeed is only working on front-end so I don't think that it affects uploads in any way.
Just tested and I was able to upload images in the backend without issues.

Can you please provide more details or describe the exact issue you are facing?

Thank you for your atention.
Sorry for not being clear.

What I was trying to say is that pictures from OS gallery won´t show if plugin is on. I´ve tested it several times.

Yes you are right. I just tested. It seems that PHP's DOM (which is what we use to manipulate the markup) gets confused with OS gallery.
The reason is that OS gallery is using some HTML markup in scripts. What's your PHP version? You can also try to add the OS gallery component to the exclusions list in the Route 66 options.


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